The Citrus Ballet |2016


Course project 2016
Design, Concept, Motion Graphics
Software; Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D.

For a course in Motion Graphics we were to create a short film, while learning relevant techniques and software tools. The project brief was to create a shot film relating to the topic of food, and the theme of the clip was the saying “don’t play with your food!” It was to be displayed in the canteen, and be played with no sound. 

I wanted to work with elements that were bright and exiting and eye-catching and picked citrus fruits, because of their bright coloring, and I developed the concept around the various ways you can present a citrus fruit, whole, peeled and in separate segments.


I took some inspiration from the choreography of dance shows, and wanted to incorporate some the associated energy in the citrus fruits themselves, and came up with shots of parts of the fruits dancing and exploding.

Modeled in Maya, and animated in Cinema 4D. The textures are simple, using simple toon shaders to get a playful cartoony render.  All shots assembled in After Effects.