Mimisbrunnr Mirage | 2017

Concept art, design and development, 2017.
3D modeling and texturing, Game Engine Unreal 4

The last semester of my bachelor in Virtual Art and Design, I collaborated with Christine Stenseng and Kristine Kvam, on producing a digital representation of the glacier ice tunnel carved into Juvfonna at the foot of Galdhøpiggen, Norways highest mountain. You can see the project blog here.


from a field trip to the existing tunnel


The project is a digital interpretation of the existing project originally created by the ice sculptor and artist Peder Istad commissioned by Klimaparken. The carvings in the tunnel are creatures found in norse mythology. In our design we tried to capture some of the experience and mood of the original tunnel, while elaborating and exploring how to convey some of the mystery and mood that you get from visiting the original in its setting.



Development of concept.

We were given a very open brief with few specification, only that Klimaparken wanted to preserve the tunnel in some way, as it is at risk of melting due to climate change. As students apparently given free reigns, there were a series of uncertain compromises in regards to what age group to target, and to what level we could create our design independently of Peder Istad original carvings and sculptures, and there was a number of times we changed parts of our vision and interpretations. We were also uncertain of how to approach the mythological figures – as characters made available to a younger audience or more true their more abstract meanings.

img035 kopi 3

Sketch Midgarsormen


We chose to incorporate elements of interactivity, with some form of narrative (as a voiceover) available at a point in the tunnel which tied in the mythological reference. The result presented as proof of concept of what this digital tunnel could be used for – an immersive digital experience as a vessel for a story, interactivity or other form of communication.


a collection of concept art I did for the project.

I discuss early stages of development here.